To keep in line with international standards you will be required to submit certain company documents for the jurisdiction your company resides in. This is to show the company is a legitimately registered and active company, without such documentation your account can not be activated. We have listed the documents we require from you on this page (see below).

We also reserve the right to contact other third party companies to confirm any documents relating to the company. We may require additional information / documents, given certain jurisdictions. We will make this process as transparent and simple as we can. However certain information will remain confidential as required in keeping with AML regulations.


Passport & utility bill for UBO(s)

When opening a business account, the account signatory, director and shareholder of the company need to submit their ID and proof of residence.


Certificate of Incorporation

The submission of the company’s certificate of incorporation is one of the required documents when opening an account with us.

In line with anti-money laundering regulations and our banking policies, we need to know that your business has been set up correctly, who are the legal entities and that it’s on the public register of companies.

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Applying for a business account is as simple as 1,2,3

  • Enter your personal info

    Complete application form with your personal information

  • Attach your proof of ID and address

    Passport, License, Utility Bills, etc

  • Account approved in 2 days

    Receive approval within 48 hours of submitting your application.

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